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Welcome to the Hunting Gear Deals Review Program! Thank you for helping us become the premier source of hunting gear information on the web. If you haven’t completed an application yet, please do so here. Our purpose is to provide honest and enlightening reviews for hunters looking to make an informed buying decision.

Review Requirements

(Subject to mfr requests)

  • 300 to 3000 words. A good rule of thumb is 100 words per $10 of retail price, but quality is key. It may take more or fewer words to thoroughly review the product. 
  • 5 images for products retailing at $100 or less
  • 5-7 images for products retailing at $300 or less
  • 8+ images for products retailing over $300
  • All trail camera reviews must include daytime and nighttime sample photos/videos
  • Use personal in field experience. Readers want to know your thoughts and experiences. If possible, include a personal story or two about your experience while using the product. Humor and personality are great, just keep it clean.

Review Guidelines

The review must be rich with detailed content, but also be easily scanned for relevant information. Use titles at the beginning of each section, focusing on keywords related to your product. This will help readers find what they want, and Google to index (track and rank) the content. Please use the following guideline. Each review will be different. Some reviews will only need a sentence or two for each section, while others may require multiple paragraphs.

  1. Personal introduction and product category experience– Tell the reader a bit about yourself and specifically your experience relevant to the product. Whether you have 20 years experience with a product or are brand new, some readers will relate. Why are you interested in reviewing this product? Don’t overdo it though. This isn’t the place to share your life story. Keep this from 2-4 sentences and think concise.
  2. Product Introduction– Share relevant information about the product including brand, product history, purpose, target market, specifications, price, and more. DO NOT copy existing material! Again, be concise please.
  3. Testing– Where, when, and how did you use the product?
  4. Positives– What did you like? How does it compare positively to other products you have tried?
  5. Negatives– What didn’t you like about the product? What would you change about it? How does it compare negatively to other products you have tried? If you love it, do your best to come up with something.
  6. Summary– How will you use the product moving forward? How do you feel about the price? Who would you recommend this product for? Make sure to leave room for readers to draw their own conclusion. You are not making the decision for them.

Final Directions

Hunting Gear Deals will provide a disclaimer about the review and affiliate links for readers to buy the product online. Make sure to include a bio and links to your page or blog if you would like them to be included at the end of the review. Once your review is posted, please help us promote the site by sharing the link to your review on social media and any websites you maintain. We can’t thank you enough for participating in the Hunting Gear Deals Review Program! Honest reviews from an army of passionate hunters like you will fuel this program to become the authority on hunting gear information.