KUIU Attack Pant Review

Torin Miller

As a self-proclaimed gear (and clothing) nut, I have really been wanting to get my hands on some KUIU threads. I’ve followed KUIU’s journey since the beginning, and I love what they’re doing both from a business standpoint and for hunting clothing innovation. But, as a traditional farm country whitetail hunter, I didn’t have much need for technical mountain apparel. However, my hunting style has significantly evolved over the last five-plus years, and more often than not, I find myself hunting the rugged big-woods of northern Pennsylvania – an experience worthy of high-quality, technical apparel.

As a result, I’ve been researching, buying, selling, and collecting a variety of lightweight, technical apparel from a host of the top names in both hunting and outdoor recreation apparel. I was eager to get my hands on the KUIU Attack Pant. My hunting partner has a pair, and he consistently raves about how comfortable and versatile they are. While I trust his evaluation of gear, I wanted to find out for myself. I put these pants through the paces this spring looking for shed antlers, hunting turkeys and summer scouting for the upcoming whitetail season. I came to two significant conclusions. Would I recommend these pants to someone looking for all-purpose, all-season pants? Yes, I would. Will I be grabbing another pair if I miraculously wear through these ones? You bet! Now, let’s dive into the details.

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KUIU Attack Pant Review

Made for the mountains, these are known for their combination of comfort, durability, and simplicity. KUIU’s best-selling and most versatile pant, ideal for use on hunts where a wide temperature range can be expected. The pant to own if you only own one.

Price: $139.00

• 18.5 oz
• Hip vents for added ventilation
• 4-way stretch
• Kudos DWR for water repellency

Extremely Comfortable Hunting Pants

KUIU touts the Attack pant for their “combination of comfort, durability, and simplicity.” After a season spent in these trousers, I wholeheartedly concur that they are incredibly comfortable. I don’t doubt that comfort alone makes the Attack KUIU’s best-selling pants. The pants are constructed with Toray’s Primeflex fabric, which I’ve found to be incredibly soft and quiet. It also provides for a pant the doesn’t restrict movement when scrambling over boulders or jumping over creeks. They’re so comfortable that I’ve contemplated wearing them to lounge around the house.

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Versatile Hunting Pants for a Variety of Conditions

While I would consider the pants lightweight, I mean that purely in terms of ounces. By no means should these pants be regarded as an early-season-only pant or as a lightweight in terms of durability. Instead, I’ve worn these pants without a layer underneath from temperatures ranging from the upper 40s to the mid-70s. They were plenty warm on those chilly mornings in the turkey woods, and they wicked moisture incredibly well during my earlier summer scouting sessions. Other ‘technical’ pants I’ve owned have felt more like rain paints in warmer weather – not the Attack pants. Speaking of rain, the DWR coating on the Attack pants seems to be top-notch. I haven’t worn them in a steady rain, but they’ve held up great to misting skies and dewy fields.

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Hip Vents Are Like a Thermostat for Your Pants!

Actually, I attribute the impressive warm-weather performance of the Attack pant to a feature I didn’t expect to care a whole lot about. These pants have zippered hip vents that extend from the upper thigh to just above the knee. When unzipped, the vent exposes some stitched-in mesh, which allows heat and moisture to escape, while still providing protection from biting insects like mosquitoes and flies. I distinctly remember the first time I utilized the hip vents. I was nearing the top of a mountain to get into position on a gobbling Tom. It was mid-morning, and the rising sun and dewy grass made for a muggy hike. I remembered the hip vent feature, and as soon as I unzipped them, it felt like I had turned on an AC unit. The amount of heat that the vents allow to escape is incredible, and the mesh provides in a fresh breeze to keep sensitive areas cool.

Tough & Durable- Built for the Mountain

While I will really put the durability of the Attack pant to test this fall while chasing whitetails in the mountains, I already suspect I’ll be unable to damage them in any significant way. My treks into the timber so far have not left a single mark, other than mud, on these pants. While carrying a heavy pack full of trail cameras, steel security boxes and locks, one of the knees snagged on a large log I had to step over. I thought for sure that the material would show some signs of wear or stretching from the sharp protrusion, but no such signs exist. Further, the stitching on the pants is flawless, so I don’t foresee any issue with separating seems or pulling threads.

KUIU Attack Pant Design

Pocket Improvement Potential

These pants sound too good to be true, don’t they? Well, you should believe the hype, but there are a few minor modifications that I’d like to see on a future model. The layout of the pockets is excellent; the pants have two open hand pockets, two zippered cargo pockets, and two zippered seat pockets. However, the hand pockets are difficult to get into when seated, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding what necessities to place in which pocket. Alternatively, the cargo pockets are slightly tricky to unzipper while standing, but they’re easily accessed while sitting. Finally, I found the seat pockets to be somewhat small to accommodate my wallet or to get my hand into. And trust me, it’s not because my wallet is stuffed with cash.

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KUIU Attack Pant Sizing and Fit

The fit of the Attack pant is excellent. I would consider it athletic, but not fitted. I generally wear a 34 or 36-inch waist, and the size 36 waist in the Attack pant is perfect for me. The pants provide plenty of room in the thighs, but the legs narrow nicely towards the opening. I’ve found that they lay neatly over boots, and there’s no excess fabric below the knee to brush against the other leg or get snagged on foliage.

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KUIU Attack Pant Review Summary

So far, I’m really digging KUIU’s Attack pants. I anticipate that it will have a home in my year-round system for years to come. I might even grab a pair or two in other colors for casual wearing. As KUIU says, this is “The pant to own if you only own one.” I couldn’t agree more.

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  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Lifetime Durability
  • All-Weather Performance
  • Accurate Sizing


  • Back Pocket Are Small
  • Pocket Zippers Can be Tough to Access

Ready to buy? KUIU sells consumer-direct to avoid typical retail markups. You can buy the Attack Pant at KUIU.com.

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