Avian-X LCD Lookout Hen & Jake Merriam Turkey Decoy Combo- $116.13

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Field Supply has the Avian-X LCD – Merriam Lookout Hen and Jake Turkey Decoy Combo discounted 35%, for $116.13 with free shipping. Whether you are in Merriam’s country or heading out west, the Avian-X Merriam’s combo pack is designed to mimic the exact color and is sub-species specific.  The lookout is designed with an upright head which is a higher profile and showing dominance. Not only attractive in the courtship ritual for drawing in gobblers, but also a very challenging posture to bring in the hens. Combine that with the sub-dominant LCD Jake Quarter Strut and you are hitting every aspect of a gobbler’s springtime ritual. The Jake decoy is in a non-dominant pose, and will draw the fighting aspect out of all gobblers. This combo pack is sure to bring’em running. The Avian-X LCD pack is equipped with one-piece collapsible stakes and carrying bags too!  Shipping is free at Field Supply when you spend $25+.

Check out our review of the Avian-X LCD Decoy line here.


  • Deal expires at Tuesday April 16th, 2019 11:59pm EXPIRED

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