Avian-X Top Flight Open Water Mallards Hunting Floater Decoys – $44.99 on eBay

best duck hunting decoy sale

Avian-X is one of the top brands in the decoy market and there is a really good deal on the AVIAN-X TOP FLIGHT OPEN WATER MALLARDS HUNTING FLOATER DECOYS, BROWN (6 PACK) on eBay right now.  You can pick them up for only $44.99!  Waterfowl season is over but the best deals are going on right now!  Also, don’t forget about the discount code: JUST4YOU to save an additional 10% off at checkout until 3/20

Key Features

  • Incredible true-to-life replication of adult ducks
  • Includes life-like floaters of mallard ducks
  • Weight-forward swim keel ensures realistic movement
  • 4 realistic postures give off the look of real ducks
  • Factory-attached heads ensure a secure connection over multiple seasons


  • Deal expires at Sunday March 31st, 2019 2:50am EXPIRED

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