Big Buck Secrets by Steve Bartylla- Amazon Low Price

Deer hunting book

I found a great deal on a Steve Bartylla book called Big Buck Secrets.  If you’re like me, you want to learn as much about the animals you pursue as possible and Amazon has some of the best deals on hunting related literature that you can find on the web.

Steve Bartylla has never relied on outfitter to put him on trophy bucks. Instead, he relies on his own scouting and hunting skills. Big Buck Secrets draws from Bartylla’s years of successful do-it-yourself hunting for trophy whitetails on both public and private land. This book is grounded in that experience to help you take your deer hunting to the next level with comprehensive instruction on:

  • Scouting new hunting areas
  • Understanding mature buck behavior
  • Hunting during the rut
  • Utilizing decoys
  • Aggressive and creative techniques to deal with hunting pressure
  • And much more!

All aimed to put you on the biggest bucks of your life!

Hard work and in-depth knowledge of whitetails, understanding how they utilize terrain and seeking pockets where mature bucks exist, are the tools Bartylla relies on most–and shares with you in Big Buck Secrets.


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