Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod Max- New Amazon Low Price

standing shooting rest

The Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pods takes bench rest accuracy into the field. If you will be deer hunting from a blind, especially with a youth, or inexperienced hunter, this could be a key to your success! The Field Pod Max extends to a height of 48″ which allows for standing shots. The Deadshot Fieldpod line uses innovative designs perfect for a variety of hunting applications and it is very portable. The Field Pod features an upper frame that is adjustable to accommodate and fully support a rifle, shotgun or crossbow. Amazon typically has great prices on Caldwell products and anything under $100 is a good deal for the Field Pod Max, which retails for $119.99. The lowest price I have ever seen is $80.74.

  • Adjusts from 20″ high up to 48″
  • Innovative design easily adjusts to any gun or crossbow, supporting both forend and stock
  • Lightweight aluminum construction, weighs 6.5 pounds
  • Screw out spiked feet for secure purchase
  • Bubble level for reference
  • Dual tube frame is fully compatible with detachable magazine rifles like the popular AR-15

  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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