Covert Code Black 12.1 AT&T LTE Wireless Trail Camera – Only $284.99 at Gander Outdoors

best cellular trail camera deal covert

The biggest advancement in trail camera technology is finally affordable, thanks to this good deal on Gander Outdoors.  The DLC Covert Code Black 12.1 Wireless Trail Camera – Powered by AT&T is on sale for only $284.99 right now!  It seems that the cell cam is out of stock at this time but it is back-orderable, so take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late.

Wireless trail cameras aren’t cheap.  Not only are they expensive to buy but they’re expensive to maintain.  Batteries don’t last as long and you have to have wireless contract through the provider in order to receive pictures.  As bad as that may sound, it’s not really that bad,  It is one of the most exciting changes to the hunting industry in years.  I love waking up every morning to fresh trail camera images from my favorite hunting locations.  Not only does it change the way you hunt, but it brings a new element that hunters have never known before.

The Code Black 12.1 scouting camera features a 52 degree field of view, a 100 ft flash range, and can hold up to 32 GB of memory.


  • Picture or Video: Photo/Video
  • Flash: Infared 100 ft
  • Power Source: AA (12)
  • Memory: SD Card Slot/Up to 32GB
  • Finish Color: Camo
  • Wireless Capable: Yes
  • Photo Settings: Burst Mode 1-10
  • Stamp: Date/Time/Temp/Moon


  • Deal expires at Tuesday April 30th, 2019 11:59pm EXPIRED

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