Outdoor Edge Razor-lite EDC Folding Knife- Super Low Amazon Price

razor blade hunting knife

I’m a pretty handy guy and I would like to sit around for hours and hone my knife sharpening skills, but I just don’t have time. I’m not throwing out my fixed blade skinning knife, but until the time comes that I can create a paper shaving edge and quickly recreate it, I am going to be using this Outdoor Edge Folding Blade Razor-lite EDC Knife. Replaceable blade knives are becoming very popular among hunters for skinning and breaking down game. If you accidentally cut into the bone or just skinned out the hide an a tough boar hog, you don’t have to stop, clean up, and resharpen your blade. You can just pop in a brand new blade and get back to work. The Razor-lite blades are the strongest and sharpest replaceable blades on the market. Amazon typically has the lowest price on the knife and 6 replacement blades. The Sometimes you can save a little extra if you are willing to buy from “other sellers” on Amazon that take longer to ship. Don’t buy from sellers with little or no feedback.

  • Amazon also has great prices on the replacement blades. With my hunting prowess 6-blades could last me years, but if you are more skilled, or have a more target rich environment than the swamps of Florida, you might want to pick up a Razor-lite Replacement Blade 6-Pack.

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