ScentLok OZRadial 400B Portable Ozone Generator – Only $149.99

Today you can buy the Scentlok OZ Radial 400B for only $149.99!  This is by far the best price we can find online. Ozonics has a strong patent on its products as a portable ozone generator for hunting, so ScentLok has made it clear that this device is not designed for that purpose… It just happens to work extremely well for it. For more information on the Scentlok OZ Radial 400B, check out this review from Hunting Gear Deals!

  • Ozone technology 
    Destroys virtually all types of odors
  • 360 degree output
         For optimum ozone dispersal
  • Rechargeable
         Battery lasts for up to 8 hours
  • USB charging port
         Allows you to charge devices on the go
  • Four operating modes
         Regular, cycle, boost and boosted cycle
  • CycleClean technology
         Moderates on/off to achieve maximum output efficiency
  • Tether strap included
         Allows unit to be hung anywhere you need it!

  • Deal expires at Friday February 28th, 2020 11:59pm EXPIRED

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