Sportsman 365 Upright Turkey Decoys – Only $6.97 each

cheap turkey decoy deal

Is it too soon to start talking Turkey??  Maybe…but it’s never too early to get a good deal.

Check out these two cheap decoys on sale at Camping World right now!

You don’t need the most realistic decoys on the market to coax a fired-up gobbler into shotgun range.  Yes, there are “better” decoys on the market but for this price, this is worth the shot!  Also, grab an 8 pack of Birchwood Casey Pregame 12″ x 18″ Turkey Targets for only $5.90!  That’s a savings of 40% on very realistic and detailed targets that are perfect for backyard practice with the kids or to get yourself motivated for the start of Turkey season.  -Camron


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