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the best way to display a turkey beard

Wicked North Gear and Hunting Gear Deals have teamed up to you save 20% off site-wide with an exclusive coupon code!  If you’re smart, you’ll use this coupon code to save big when you pick up some gear before turkey season.

The Turkey Beard Hanger is one of those products that you look at and say “Why didn’t I think of that?”  In its simplest form, it’s designed to help you display your turkey beards, uniquely and elegantly.  What I’ve found is that you can also slide in a squirrel tail and display them as well.  Your next place is finding a place to store them, whether it be from the rearview mirror of your truck or on your Christmas Tree.  Imagine turning your favorite hunting memories into Christmas ornaments!  Shipping is free when you spend $35+.

The Turkey Beard Hanger is sold in three different quantities and a variety of colors:

Got some beards lying around? Who doesn’t. Get them up and on a wall or rear-view mirror and keep the memory alive! You can do it in seconds with the simplest Turkey Beard holder // taxidermy kit on the market: the Wicked North TURKEY BEARD HANGER. This ‘DIY TAXIDERMY’ product allows you to mount your turkey beard with no hassle and no mess. Plug the beard into the bottom of the hanger and let the patent-pending Beard Grip Tabs do the holding.

  • MADE IN USA: both manufactured and packaged
  • PATENT-PENDING easy install design
  • EASY INSTALL with our unique BEARD GRIP TABS you can simply insert the beard and hang it anywhere – that’s right: NO GLUE
  • EASY SWAP so you can remove the beard and swap it with another 
  • VERSATILE USE: works great with the biggest Long Beards, Jakes, Squirrel Tails, Feathers and more
  • HANG IT ANYWHERE man-cave, she-shed, rear-view mirror
  • ALSO AVAILABLE in 3 Packs and 20 Packs

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