Wiley X Shooters Glasses, SG-1 Goggles – $35.99 at Sportsman’s Guide

Wiley-X sunglasses deal

Wiley X sunglasses are made to be tough, reliable and comfortable.  These “Shooter Glasses” keep the sun out of your eyes without distorting your aim. This deal includes two sets of lenses for adjusting to a variety of scenarios. The Smoke Gray lenses reduce flare while maintaining color recognition. Clear lenses offer maximum light transmission in hazy or overcast conditions at dusk and dawn. Made in Italy to strict U.S. military specifications!  These sunglasses are on sale for only $35.99 for Buyer’s Club Members!

  • Blocks 100% of the suns harmful UV rays
  • Shatterproof protection from flying shrapnel
  • Anti-scratch coating for long-lasting clarity
  • Smoke Grey lenses provide maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. 15% light transmission
  • Clear lenses provide maximum light transmission in hazy or overcast, dusk/dawn conditions. 90% light transmission
  • Elastic strap and leash cord for a secure fit
  • Zipper top nylon case
  • Deal expires at Sunday June 30th, 2019 11:59pm EXPIRED

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