Hunting Gear Deals started with one goal in mind, to help the hunting community save money on hunting gear.  This is a place where hunters can find the best deals on the gear they want without having to waste time and money scouring the web to find the best price.  That’s our job!  Recently, we’ve dove into the gear review market and plan on bringing the consumer in-depth, honest reviews from a team of gear reviewers from around the country!  

This website is not limited by stores, brand names, or even product types. Every day we scour the web for the best prices on hunting gear and post a link to stores you can trust. When you use our links, you get the lowest price and we receive a small commission from the seller. Hunting Gear Deals will save you time and money to help you get the most out of your hunting budget.

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My background:  I’m Camron Stover, the owner of Hunting Gear Deals!  I’m an avid bowhunter from West Virginia with aspirations of working full-time for Hunting Gear Deals in the near future.  My passion was born in the bow-only counties of southern West Virginia and I’ve found a new home in the Mid-Ohio Valley, which has provided access to big bucks from the Buckeye State and excellent turkey hunting in West Virginia.  I often return to southern West Virginia to chase black bears, wild boar, and mountain bucks!

I have big plans for Hunting Gear Deals and look forward to working with YOU and giving back to the hunting community in multiple ways.  A few years ago, Camron started a QDMA branch in which he raised $75,000 for a habitat improvement project at a local Wildlife Management Area in West Virginia.  At the time, this was the single largest donation that a QDMA (now the National Deer Association) branch had ever received and hunters will benefit from this work for generations.

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