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allen main beam wrist sling review
Gear Review

Allen Main Beam Wrist Sling Review

Nick Chandler

The Allen Main Beam has been the most straightforward item I have reviewed. It was the most difficult to find anything that falls under the negative category. Anybody wanting to upgrade or even first-time buyers, I would definitely…

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hawk helium 3-pack climbing sticks
Gear Review

Best Climbing Sticks for Mobile Hunters- HAWK Helium

David Conrad

Today’s hunting is all about stealth and mobility. Moving into and out of your hunting area, especially during the rut, quickly and quietly can mean the difference between a mature animal and tag soup. Hawk has quickly become well known in the hunting industry for innovative products, and the Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks continue that tradition for 2019.

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yellow jacket target
Gear Review

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Archery Target Review

Will Howard Wendland

Buying a bow target can sometimes feel like an investment due to high prices that many manufacturers ask for their products. But you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get a high-quality target. If you’re looking for a value-priced target that will last and perform just as well as the high-dollar competitors, a Morrell target might be right for you…

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