olight weapon light baldr s review
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Olight BALDR S Tactical Light Review

Dan Patton

The Olight BALDR S Tactical Light is a great bright light/laser combo. Its quick attach feature makes it very easy to attach to your weapon and has the capability of mounting to a wide variety of brands and styles. This is set up as a great home defense attachment or EDC weapon. The BALDR S light/laser combo is very easy to use and holds a great beam, out to 130 meters. I found the laser to be easily adjusted to align your sight, allowing quick and precise target acquisition.  The BALDR S can be swapped out for multiple weapons if desired and it’s built to last!  

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scent control tips for deer hunting
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11 Steps to Improve Your Deer Hunting Success with Proper Scent Control

Camron Stover

Scent control is one of the most controversial topics in the hunting industry, but has science finally caught up with the aggressive marketing strategies that hunters have been hearing about for years? Well, here is the most effective way that I have found to reduce foreign odors before entering the whitetail woods. Following these 11 steps will increase your chance of success during every hunt!

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