8 Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91BP-8 AA Batteries- Amazon low price!

best lithium batteries

We update this deal on trail camera batteries when we see a great price on Amazon because it changes frequently.

Hopefully you just got a new trail camera and need batteries. We all know lithium batteries are the best for trail camera performance. I am about done with alkaline after having a couple leak and ruin cameras. Not only do lithium batteries last longer, but depending on the camera model, you will get faster pictures and better flash. I have started switching all my trail camera batteries over to lithiums. The best price I have found on 8-pack of AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries is at Amazon. Amazon restricts me from listing the price separately, but it is in the image below.

I recommend you don’t buy these from the “Other sellers” on Amazon or in bulk packs elsewhere as they are often counterfeit. The batteries above will be in retail packaging.


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