8 pack – 5/16″ Masterlock Python Trail Camera Lock (Keyed Alike) – Amazon Deal

trail camera lock treestand

This is one of the best investments that I’ve ever made and I had to share it.  I lock nearly every one of my trail cameras and treestands with a Masterlock Python Lock.  You can save money by using the smaller 3/16″ Masterlock Python Lock but I prefer to spend a little extra and use the 5/16″ Masterlock Python Lock.  The extra 1/8″ doesn’t sound like a big deal but it could be the difference in your treestand or trail camera staying on the tree where you left it.

My favorite feature with this deal is that you can get the 8 pack of locks all keyed the same!  This makes life so much easier and you’ll thank me for years to come!  I’ve checked trail cameras with friends that didn’t get the locks keyed alike and it was a pain in the butt!  I probably have 20 or more of these locks in the whitetail woods at any given time and I only need two keys!  This makes it much more convenient and I’m more efficient in the field.

Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money but the 8 pack appears to priced the best right now.  Be sure to check out the other sellers that sell this product on Amazon because you might just save a little money sometimes, especially when they offer FREE Shipping!

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