Ameristep Silent Brickhouse Ground Blind – Only $129.99

Natchez Shooting & Outdoors has a limited-time offer on the Ameristep Silent Brickhouse Ground Blind. The lowest price I have seen on this blind is $94.40, but that was years ago.  The current sale price is $129.99, which is the best price that I’ve seen in years.  I have one of these and they’re nice!

It’s not often you can find a ground blind big enough for holding 3 adults for under $100. The Silent Brickhouse solves 2 major problems for hunters trying to remail quiet. Zippers and Velcro. This blind utilizes a hinged door and windows hat button up to remail completely silent when setting up or leaving the blind after the hunt. It also includes fabric loops on the exterior to help you brush in.

The Ameristep Silent Brickhouse takes a good thing and makes it even better. The original Brickhouse easily camouflages up to three hunters, but the Silent Brickhouse further conceals those hunters with complete silence. New for 2018, a hinged silent door design simplifies entrance and exit with absolutely zero noise. Additionally, the silent mesh attachment mutes any window adjustments as you find your shot. Nature may be listening, but this blind will make sure whatever you’re hunting doesn’t hear a sound.

  • PACK SIZE : 8″ x 42″
  • WINDOW SYSTEM : Silent toggles
  • FOOTPRINT : 59″ x 59″

  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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