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AMMO², or AmmoSquared, has redefined how we purchase ammo. AmmoSquared basically does your shopping for you, simply sign-up and tell them what you’re looking for and they ship it to you when they find it.  AmmoSquared’s unique approach allows you to buy the ammo you need at the price you’re willing to pay.  It’s no secret that ammo supplies fluctuate like the wind depending on which political party is overseeing the country, so it’s never a bad time to stock up on ammo.

Overall summary of how AmmoSquared works:

  1. Start with an account that holds ammo like a bank account – call it an “ammo piggy bank”
  2. Now fill it with the calibers and type of ammo you want, on a budget and schedule that fits your needs.
  3. Pair it with an automated notification system to alert you when you’ve reached your ideal shipping threshold…


Their goal is to simplify ammunition ownership. And they’ve certainly achieved that goal by making ammo purchases seamless and affordable.  You can even set your own price for ammo, whether you’re buying or selling.  Yes, you can even sell your ammo as well.

The first step is creating an account.  Which isn’t hard to do and you can’t miss the sign-up option on their website.  Next, you’ll set-up your first crate by picking the CALIBER of ammo that you’re interested in purchasing.   Next, you’ll pick the PURPOSE. They have four main purposes: Practice, Hunting, Self-Defense, and Competition.  Next, you’ll need to set your BUDGET. This is the total amount you’ll be spending on your crate each renewal cycle – across all of the calibers you eventually select.  Now you’ll need to set up your SHIPPING TRIGGER. This is an automated notification that will email you when your ammo is ready to ship.  The final step is choosing where to ship and pay for your ammo.


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