Apex Gear Outpost Dual Stabilizer Mount – Only $25.97 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

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Dick’s Sporting Goods has a bunch of hunting related items on Clearance right now, including this Apex Gear Outpost Dual Stabilizer Mount!  If you’re not experimenting with different stabilizer options, you may not be shooting your bow to your fullest potential.  I could type all day on the reasons for why you should be using a stabilizer and the benefits of using both a front and back bar, but if you’re not interested in increasing your effective range and accuracy then you wouldn’t read it anyways.  However, if you’re looking for a good price on a stabilizer mount, then look no further.

Compatible with all stabilizers and fully assembled, the Apex Gear Outpost Dual Stabilizer Mount will work to both balance your bow and provide you with a solid grip on your weapon. Constructed from all metal and complete with no slip meshed teeth joints, the Outpost Dual Stabilizer mount is made to deliver correct bow tilt and roll. Mount your favorite stabilizer today with the Apex Gear® Outpost Dual Stabilizer Mount.


  • Outpost Dual Stabilizer Mount
  • Integrated sling mount with bonus sling included
  • All metal machined aluminum construction for lasting durability
  • No slip meshed teeth joints with full 360 degree tilt & pan adjustable
  • Compatible with all stabilizers

Shipping is free when you spend $25 or more!



  • Deal expires at Thursday February 14th, 2019 11:59pm EXPIRED

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