BOG DeathGrip Carbon Fiber Tripod – Amazon Deal

best deal predator hunting tripod

This is the best price that I’ve seen on the BOG DeathGrip Carbon Fiber Tripod in a year. This is the best investment that I’ve made in a long time as it has been a staple in our hunting arsenal as I’ve begun to introduce my bonus son to hunting.

This tripod is designed to increase your accuracy, whether you’re shooting a rifle or crossbow and it’s perfect for long-range shooting.  I know a few guys who use this tripod while predator hunting.  It allows them to steady their gun while calling and scanning with light and greatly reduces the number of movements that they have to make.  It’s rock solid and lightweight.  There’s a cheaper aluminum version that’s perfect for leaving in a ground blind or heading to the range.  However, the carbon fiber option listed here is more versatile and easier to pack around during your next hunt!.  The DeathGrip Tripod would also be perfect for introducing youngsters to the sport of hunting also!   The BOG FieldPod adjusts from 7 – 59 inches in height and is simple to adjust to fit your needs.  -Camron

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