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best deal bog deathgrip sherpa

Amazon currently has the best price on the new BOG DeathGrip Sherpa.  (see price above).  Amazon rules don’t let me post the price here, so you’ll have to follow the link to find the current price.  However, at the time this was posted, the Sherpa was $100 below retail!  Keep in mind that the BOG DeathGrip Sherpa isn’t cheap but the highest quality components come at a cost.  This DeathGrip is designed for the backcountry hunter that needs the lightest and most durable components to enhance their hunt and the Sherpa delivers!


A close cousin to the DeathGrip Infinite series, the DeathGrip Sherpa is the ultimate backcountry tripod. Designed as a multi-functional tripod platform, the DeathGrip Sherpa weighs just over 4lbs and utilizes a quick-change system on top of a glass-smooth ball head mount, making it perfect for glassing and shooting on the side of a mountain. Couple this with a proprietary hybrid foot, twist-lock legs, the proprietary DeathGrip clamping system, and a removable center post. The DeathGrip Sherpa provides the most versatile backcountry capability at a fraction of the price of its competitors.

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