Boss Buck Gravity Head 3 Way Feeder Attachment – Amazon Deal

boss buck gravity head sale

Gravity feeders are a great way (where baiting is legal) to attract deer to your property.  Whether you choose to hunt over a feeder or not, that’s a discussion for another day.  However, this is a product that you can utlize to improve the deer activity on your property, if you can keep the feeder full.

Personally, I’ve used Boss Buck feeders in the past, with great success.  They’re simple and easy to use, plus the 3-way feeding tubes are great because it allows multiple deer to eat at the same time and doesn’t get clogged up!  The 3-way attachment listed here is a replacement part for the Boss Buck Feeders or you can use it to custom build your own gravity feeder.  There’s a ton of how-to videos out there to show you how to make a gravity feeder and with a little redneck ingenuity, I’m sure you’ll come up with a great gravity feeder at less than half the cost of buying one.  Regardless of your design, I’m sure the Boss Buck Gravity 3-Way Head will be a great choice and should last for a very long time!

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