Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter- Amazon Deal Price

laser rifle sighting tool deal

This could be a quick, easy Father’s Day Gift… If you successfully use this device once, it has paid for itself in ammo savings, not to mention your time. I can’t be the only guy out there that has bought a new rifle or scope and flung 10 rounds down range without a clue where they were hitting since it wasn’t on paper. I learned my lesson, but I wish someone had told me sooner. Do you really want to trust the guy at the sporting goods department to do it? A laser boresighter will save you a ton of hassle. The Bushnell Laser Bore Sighter┬áis universal and will work with rifles from .22 to .50-caliber. Amazon has a great price, less than a box of ammo, listed in the image below. While you are there, make sure you read the first review, as it is interesting and helpful.

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