Carter Like Mike Release – $156.74 on eBay

Carter Like Mike sale

This release needs no introduction.  The Carter Like Mike has been considered the one of the best index finger release on the market, if not the best!  I’ve had a chance to shoot one myself and it is all it’s cracked up to be.  The only word I’d use to describe it is CRISP.  You don’t feel the trigger move when the release is fired and that’s exactly what you want if you shoot an index release.

I’m an index release shooter myself and I am a trigger puncher, however, a release like this could help take my archery skills to the next level!

The Like Mike features an ultra reliable, double sear interior for increased accuracy and repeat-ability while maintaining the least amount of trigger travel of any release Carter ever made. The trigger also has minimal “over travel” to eliminate any spongy feeling when fired, leaving you with a perfectly crisp feel and instant response. The trigger has a 0 to 5 pound adjustment range with the simple turn of a screw so you can tailor the trigger to the exact feel you prefer. It also features the popular open jaw design that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop for fast clean shots that give no excessive wear to the loop.


  • Deal expires at Monday March 4th, 2019 10:22pm EXPIRED

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