Elimishield Hunt Core Body Foam- 96 oz- Amazon Low Price

elimishield scent control foam

Prices on Amazon change like the wind but the bulk size bottle of Elimishield Hunt Core Body Foam (96 ounces) is currently priced very well.  See the above link for the current price!  Currently, this is the best price that I’ve ever seen on the 96 ounce bottle!

ElimiShield now offers the industry’s first FDA-compliant, direct-to-skin scent control with its CoreTM Body Foam, utilizing a proprietary nanotechnology that kills over 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria at the cellular level. ElimiShield HUNT Core Body Foam is designed to be used before going out into the field, providing all-day protection from odor-causing bacteria with a single application. ElimiShield HUNT Core Body Foam is powerful enough to eliminate odor-causing bacteria, yet is gentle on skin with an alcohol-free formula.

I’ve been very impressed with the Elimishield line of products, especially the Elimishield Hunt Core Body Foam.  Currently, I have two brand new bottles of the 96 ounce containers in my collection and I’ll be putting it to good use this season!  -Camron

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