Hawk Cruzr Bone Collector Treestand – Amazon Deal

hawk cruzer treestand sale

Amazon has a good price on the Hawk Cruzr Bone Collector treestand.  Check out the OTHER SELLERS options for the best price!

This steel treestand is built for comfort and is rock solid in the tree!  The mesh seat makes those all-day sits much more enjoyable.  My favorite feature is the bracket that attaches the treestand to the tree.  This bracket is small, lightweight and makes hanging the stand so much easier!  Simply attach the bracket onto the tree and then slide the stand into the bracket.  It’s that simple!  I always add an extra ratchet strap or two as an additional safety precaution!

The best part about this deal is the FREE SHIPPING!  It’s hard to find free shipping on treestands but this deal includes free shipping, so lucky you!  Don’t forget to pick up an extra Hawk Crur Treestand Bracket as well!


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