Heritage Rough Rider 22lr Pistol – Only $109.99

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Palmetto State Armory has a great price on the Heritage Rough Rider 22lr revolver, it’s currently on sale for only $109.99!  This throw-back-style revolver takes you straight back to Wild West!  However, don’t be fooled by this gun’s classic appearance, it’ll sling lead downrange with the best of them.  The 22lr is the perfect caliber for beginners and a revolver design is generally one of the easiest types of handguns to operate.  This Rough Rider has a 6.5″ barrel and holds six rounds.

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Born of the traditions of the Old West, the Rough Rider maintains much of the look and feel of the legendary Single Action Army revolver, only in a scaled down version. Chambered for the .22LR cartridges, the Rough Rider is manufactured using state-of-the-art precision machinery that assures its accuracy and reliability. The cylinder lock-up is tight and the perfect timing of the action makes for a handgun that will put its shots where you want ’em.
The machined barrel is micro-threaded and inserted into the frame for the optimal barrel/cylinder gap to give you maximum ammunition performance. A hammer block mounted in the recoil shield provides extra protection and has a red dot indicator that lets you know when the gun is ready for action. A new, more authentic looking flat-sided hammer paired with new exotic cocobolo grips, makes the Rough Rider both functional and handsome. There are also other grip materials available, plus finish options include the attractive and durable Smooth Silver Satin. When it comes to the Rough Rider there are no shortcuts taken!

Ideal for hunting, plinking or western action shooting, let the Rough Rider be your choice in a new rimfire revolver.


Make: Heritage
Model: Rough Rider
Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 6
Finish: Blued
Action: Single Action Only
Grips: Cocobolo
Weight: 33.4 oz.
Barrel Length: 6.5”
Overall Length: 11.79”

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