Hooyman 16′ Extendable Tree Saw- New Amazon Low Price

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The Hooyman 16′ Tree Saw is perfect for trimming shooting lanes at your favorite treestand location. With hunting seaons opening up soon, this saw can make sure your shooting lanes are clear, so you don’t miss your perfect opportunity. This Hooyman saw extends up to 16′ and you can use it on the ground and while in the stand to reach those pesky tree branches that always seem to be in the “perfect” shooting lane. You can also remove the saw from the extension handle so you can make finishing touches from the stand and have a handy portable saw. The 16′ model retails for $99.99 and the best price I have seen is $72.19.  -Mike

  • Extends to 16 feet and collapses to 48 inches
  • With a compact design, lock back blade and I-beam aluminum construction, this hand powered pole saw is ready for all situations
  • Constructed from high carbon SK5 steel combined with impulse hardened 4-edge tooth, MegaBite XP design this 12 inch curved blade is ready for unmatched cutting and a longer cutting life
  • The positive locking extension system paired with the ability to collapse the pole makes for ease of use while trimming, sawing by hand or carrying in a bag or pack
  • This saw features an in-line design that allows the folding saw to slide and lock into the extension arm when a pole is needed and to detach when only the handsaw is needed
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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