Hooyman 5′ Extendable Limb Saw- New Amazon Low Price

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The Hooyman 5′ Saw is great if you like to hunt on the fly and move in for the kill. If you trim out all your stands before the season and don’t move them, a regular pole saw will do you just fine. However, if you like to be mobile and add new sets during the season, this is the ticket. The saw detaches for close limbs and extends out to 5′ to get the branch that it covering your shooting lane. The I-beam construction is very sturdy and the extensions lock into place to prevent slipping. The blade is extremely sharp and doesn’t bend like the cheap ones from big box stores. I own this saw and it’s definitely nice to have in my arsenal. I don’t carry it on every hunt, because of the added weight, but if I am going into a new area, it’s worth the effort. The 5′ Hooyman usually sells for about $50 in retail stores, but if you see it for under $40, that’s the time to buy. The lowest price I have seen is $33.72.

  • High-carbon Steel Blade.
  • Aircraft Aluminum Extensions
  • No-flex Construction
  • Sharp!
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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