HSS Rope-Style Tree Strap – Amazon Deal

tree strap fall protection

Hunter Safety System helped to revolutionize the hunting industry by making “hunter safety” cool.  They have a bunch of different safety harness options to choose from, a few of which my wife and hunt from each time we climb a tree.  One overlooked product that HSS offers is their Rope Style Tree Straps.  I have one on nearly all of my treestands to ensure that I never forget my tree strap.  The tree strap is the piece that connects your harness to the tree.  The Rope Style Tree Straps are long enough to fit around most trees and can be installed within seconds!

I highly recommend the HSS Rope Style Tree Strap and Amazon currently has the best price!  Everyone should keep a few extra of these around at all times.  The last thing you want to forget is the tree strap that connects your harness to the tree.  So, each year, I place these in the tree on every pre-hunt set that I have and it’s one less piece of gear that I have to pack into the woods with me when I’m ready to hunt!


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