Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness – Amazon Low Price


Another good deal on a safety harness, this one is designed to help keep you safe while hanging your treestand.  The Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness would be a good investment for all treestand hunters and I fully recommend making the investment before it’s too late.

  • Designed for hanging and removing tree stands and cutting trails and shooting lanes, built tough with durable fabric to withstand the work for which it was made
  • Deep, rigid utility pockets securely hold steps, straps, HSS-LIFELINEs™ and more, preventing multiple trips up the tree
  • Allows the user to freely slide pockets to the front or back while climbing and working.
  • Designed for work, not for hunting; so go ahead, get sweaty, spray bug spray and run the chain saw! Leave the scent control for your other Hunter Safety System harnesses
  • Pro-grade rope-style climbing belt with two carabiners and a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, the strongest warrany in its class


  • Deal expires at Thursday May 31st, 2018 11:59pm EXPIRED

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