Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness – Amazon Deal

treestand harness deal

Give the gift of safety this year!  The Hanger Harness is designed to keep you safe while hanging your treestand, This harness is desgned to increasing your efficiency when climbing the tree, providing you with storage pockets to carry all of your gear up at one time.  The Hunter Safety System Hanger Harness would be a good investment for all treestand hunters who pre-hang treestands.  I’m not sure if I would actually hunt out of this harness but it certainly makes life easier when installing stands.

  • Designed for hanging and removing tree stands and cutting trails and shooting lanes, built tough with durable fabric to withstand the work for which it was made
  • Deep, rigid utility pockets securely hold steps, straps, HSS-LIFELINEs and more, preventing multiple trips up the tree
  • Allows the user to freely slide pockets to the front or back while climbing and working.
  • Designed for work, not for hunting; so go ahead, get sweaty, spray bug spray and run the chain saw! Leave the scent control for your other Hunter Safety System harnesses
  • Pro-grade rope-style climbing belt with two carabiners and a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, the strongest warranty in its class


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