iKross Micro-USB and USB-C Trail Camera SD Card Reader- Amazon Low Price

sd trail camera card reader for cell phones

I upgraded my phone and couldn’t check trail cameras without putting them in my laptop. I basically hauled my laptop around to check cameras, because I needed to know whether to leave a camera or relocate it. I needed to find a card reader that would work with my new phone. I found the iKross USB 3.1 Type C and Micro-USB 2.0 OTG SD Card Reader about a week ago and I wanted to try it out before I listed it here. I ordered one for myself to test out and it works great. It’s super light and portable, but seems like it will hold up. I originally found this product on eBay, but Amazon had a better price. This device will work with USB-C phones and devices and micro-USB devices that have OTG capability. If you aren’t sure about your device, check the list on the sales page at the bottom of the description. You should be able to buy it for about $5.

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