In-Stock Ammo – 5.56, 9 mm, .223, .22, 12 gauge, .380 and more!

AR 15 ammo in stock

Are you looking for ammo? Well, so is everyone else!  It’s ridiculously hard to find right now and it’s certainly a seller’s market.  In my opinion, if you can find it, buy it!  The problem is finding it in stock.  So, maybe your friends at Hunting Gear Deals can help you out and point you in the right direction.  I’ll try to keep this post updated frequently and be sure to reach out if you find some in stock elsewhere and would like to pass on the good news to your fellow hunters from across the country.

  • Sportsman’s Guide In-Stock Ammo – Winchester Longbeard XR, Federal Premium TSS, 5.56 ammo, .17 Hornet, 9 mm, .380 ACP
  • Palmettto State Armory – In-Stock Ammo – 5.56, .22 Win Auto, Winchester Longbeard XR, 9 mm, .32 S&W, .45 auto, 460 S&W, 17 MACH 2
  • Brownell’s – 6mm Creedmoor, 10 mm Auto, 260 Remington, .44 S&W, .17 Hornet, 28 gauge high-brass, 20 gauge TSS, Winchester Longbeard XR, 7 mm Win Short Mag
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse – Buy online and pick-up in-store only!
  • Gander Outdoors -Winchester Super-X .22 Win Mag,Winchester Super X 350 Legend,Remington Sportsman Hi-Speed Steel Shot Shells, 12-Ga., 3″, #2 Shot,Winchester Super-X Heavy Steel Shot Shells, 12-Ga., 3″, BB Shot, 100 Rounds,Winchester Long Beard XR Turkey Loads on CLEARANCE
  • Cabela’s –  Good luck
  • Bass Pro – Good luck


  • Deal expires at EXPIRED


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