Is Yak Wool Better Than Merino Wool – Kora Yak Wool

what is yak wool

Have you ever heard of Yak Wool? 

Chances are you’ve heard of Merino wool but clothing made from yak wool is new to me.  Check out Kora for more information.  It’s not cheap but they do have a few items currently on sale and I think you’ll enjoy reading more about their company and the influence behind their clothing.  Kora makes their own clothing, which starts by sourcing yak wool from Tibetan communities.

The Secrets To Yak Wool’s Incredible Comfort and Warmth:

  • Yak wool is FINE, trapping air between the multiple fibres to keep you warm
  • Yak wool is HOLLOW, trapping air within the fibre, to further increase insulation
  • Yak wool is SUPER FLEXIBLE! Flex means comfort against your skin as the fibres adapt to your movement
  • Yak Wool is STRONG therefore we can spin and knit it into durable, lightweight fabrics using a looser knit, which allows for greater airflow and water vapour (sweat droplets!) permeability

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