Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks 3-Pack- Low Amazon Price

best climbing stick sale

For the last 3 weeks, the price and inventory of the Lone Wolf Climbing Stick 3-Pack have been jumping all over the place. I a great price will come up with only a couple units of inventory and it will be gone in a flash. Right now, there are quite a few units in stock and the price looks good. If you are in the market for some new sticks, now is the time.

Lone Wolf pioneered the lightest, quietest, most packable hunting stands on the market. They are a favorite of some of the most hardcore hunters who are not willing to sacrifice anything that might cost them an opportunity at a mature animal. Lone Wolf products can be tough to find discounts on but Amazon has a great price right now. Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks retail for $140 for a 3-pack, and since they aren’t discounted very often, any time you can save $10 or more, it’s a good deal. The lowest price I have seen all-time is $111.32 -Mike

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