Magnus Bullhead Broadheads – $32.99 at Scheel’s

Turkey Hunting Broadheads

Scheel’s currently has the best price on one of the most devastating turkey hunting broadheads on the market!  The Magnus Bullhead broadhead is designed for decapitating turkeys and it’s proven to be effective for years.  The Magnus Bullheads are designed to fly true out of even the fastest bows to ensure a quick clean ethical kill. The large cutting surface of the blades was created for neck and headshots on turkeys and other small game.  Sold in a 3 pack for only $32.99!

You can even use these broadheads on small game too.  If your shot does happen to be off its mark the blades act as a brake to stop the arrow from burying into the grass, unlike conventional broadheads. The 100-grain three blade has a 3″ cutting surface, while the 125-grain head has a 4″ cutting surface.

Don’t forget about the best part!  Magnus Broadheads come with a lifetime replacement guarantee.


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