Millennium Treestand M102 Receiver – Amazon Deal

best deal millennium stand

Millennium Treestands come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and weights to fit nearly any hunting scenario.  Whether you’re a run-and-gun hunter or you leave your stands in the same place all season long, chances are, you don’t have enough treestands.  However, this is where the versatility of Millennium Treestands can help you save time and money.

Millennium Treestands has a unique mounting bracket in which the treestand can be easily hung in pre-set mounting bracket.  Simply put, you can have multiple stand locations that are ready to go, pack your treestand in for a quick hunt and hang it into place in a matter of seconds.  It’s that simple.  Now, here’s the best part.  The mounting brackets that make all of this possible are on sale right now! Follow the link above to add a few extra mounting brackets to your collection.

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