Mofeez Outdoor 4×4 Compound Angle Brackets – (Perfect for DIY Deer Blind Platform) – Amazon Deal

DIY deer hunting box blind

If you’re looking to construct elevated platforms for your ground blinds, then do yourself a favor and pick up some of these Mofeez Outdoor 4×4 Compound Angle Brackets.  These brackets are perfect for constructing a DIY box blinds also.  I constructed my own elevated platform a couple years ago and then came across these just after I wasted all of the extra time, effort and money to construct the platform from scratch.  Looking back on it, it would have been much smarter on my end to start with the brackets, saving time and money!  Also, I think the brackets create a safer, sturdier platform as well.  Each box contains four brackets.  -Camron

Don’t forget to use the 5% off coupon that Amazon is currently offering by simply clicking the “coupon” button listed under the price.

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