Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm Deal

best price camera arm filming hunt

The Muddy Outfitter Camera Arm has been a consistent favorite for self-filmers, especially for the price.  In fact, I’ve got one for myself.  You can pick one up today for only $96.99.  This includes the arm and the base at this price!


It’s slightly bulkier and maybe a little heavier than some of the camera arms that you could pay triple this amount for.  However, in this price point, you can’t beat it!   This camera arm is rock-solid on the tree and has accompanied hunters into the field for years without issue.  The only downside is the large base but I’ve used this camera arm and really liked it for the price.  If Camofire sells out, check out Amazon for a similar price.   -Camron


  • Deal expires at Thursday August 4th, 2022 1:45am EXPIRED
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