Muzzy Trocar – 100 Grain Broadhead – Amazon Deal

best deal on muzzy fixed blade broadhead

The three-blade Muzzy Trocar broadhead is engineered for undisputed toughness and accuracy, this fixed-blade broadhead features a 0.035-inch-thick helix-blade design that provides field-point-like accuracy as well as unbelievably lethal performance on game.  These broadheads are priced very nicely right now, so you better hurry before the price changes!

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Standard Broadhead:

  • AERODYNAMIC – .035″ right-helix design maximize arrow stabilization delivering pinpoint accuracy at long ranges.
  • BONE CRUSHING PENETRATION – Hardened steel Trocar tip provides superior penetration and the solid steel ferrule won’t deform or deflect when striking bone
  • LARGE CUTTING DIAMETER – 3 fixed-blade broadhead with offset blade design features a cutting diameter of 1-3/16”
  • RAZOR SHARP, DEPENDABLE, and DURABLE – Pack of 3 100 grain Broadheads come pre-assembled and ready to go.
  • MADE IN THE USA -Founded in 1984, Muzzy is the number one name in fixed-blade broadheads, and proudly made in the USA!
  • 100 Grain 3 Blade
    1 3/16″ Cutting Circle


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