PITH Portable Ozone Generator – Exclusive Coupon Code

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Introducing a new product developed and sold by the founder and former owner of HuntingGearDeals.com, Mike Higman.  The PITH Purge Portable Ozone Generator is perfect for destroying odors on your hunting gear and in the home!  There’s no denying the scientifically proven ability of ozone and it’s odor destroying characteristics.  The PITH Portable Ozone Generator can be used anywhere!  It’s rechargeable and capable of operating four-six cycles before needing to be recharged.  The charge can be plugged into any USB outlet or mobile phone charger!  This compact ozone generator produces 350mg of Ozone per Hour!

Hunting Gear Deals exclusive discount codeUse the promo code:  10OFFHGD at checkout to save an additional 10% off at checkout.  (There’s already a coupon that you can clip before checking out, so be sure to take advantage of this and leave Mike a review!

One of my favorite ways to use an the PITH Purge Portable Ozone Generator is around the home.  I’ll use it in the kitchen after frying bacon or to get rid of unwanted smells!  However, it’s an important part of my scent control regimen for hunting also!


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