Primos Double Bull Surround View Blind 180 – Amazon Deal

primos surround view blind deal

I’ve been monitoring pricing on the Primos Double Bull Surround View Blind Series since the launch last year, and for the first time, one of the models has dropped below $200. Since then it has dropped even more to a new low price on the Double Bull Surround 180. One of the major problems with hunting in a ground blind is the cramped feeling that comes with sitting in a black box with small windows. Open too many windows and you’ll be silhouetted. The Surround View revolutionized the ground blind hunting market in 2018 with one-way see-through walls that offered a much more open feeling and better awareness of your surroundings. While the Surround 360 or Surround 270 might be better for turkey hunting, I think the 180 offers all the vision you need since most of the time ground blinds will be brushed in on at least 2 sides anyway. The 180 is a smaller blind, so if you need something to fit more than one hunter, you might prefer the 270 or 360.

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