QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade Broadhead (125 Grain) – Amazon Low Price

best hunting broadhead flight

I hate to play favorites, especially with so many great broadheads on the market, but the QAD Exodus broadhead is my favorite broadhead on the market right now.  It’s simple, compact, sharp and deadly accurate!  It’s hard to find them under $30 a pack and when I do, I’m quick to stock up.  QAD makes two different models, a full bladed version and a swept version.  They even make them for crossbows.  Caution:  If you are buying the “swept” version, be sure to know your hunting regulations in your area because they are considered “barbed”.

The only style on sale right now is the QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade in 125 grain. 

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, stay tuned because I’ll keep posting good deals on them when I find them.


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