Rage Xtreme 4 Blade Broadheads – Amazon Deal

rage four blade broadhead

Rage Xtreme 4 Blade Broadhead are the newest creation from Rage.  Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their legendary wound channels and you’ve either used them or you know someone who does.  If you have used them, you want more and if you haven’t, you should since they’re priced well below retail right now.  Any time you can get them for under $30 a pack you’re doing good but when you can get them for under $25, you need to buy a pack or two for yourself and all of your buddies!

  • Machined Aluminum Ferrule
  • 2.3 inch cutting diameter
  • 7/8″ wide cut-on-contact tip and .030″Thick cut-on-contact tip blade
  • 035 inch wing blades
  • 100 grain broadhead


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