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Have you ever heard of the Right to Bear?   Whether you are a concealed weapon holder or just a responsible gun owner.  This insurance policy is designed to protect your freedom, family, and you.  Right to Bear does not condone unnecessary or excessive force or illegal acts of aggression, they simply protect you from personal liability when you have no choice!  Remember the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?  Memorial Day Sale coupon code:  FREEDOM15

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Right to Bear provides self-defense liability protection to gun people by gun people. Home & Umbrella policies DO
NOT provide self-defense liability.

ADVANTAGES to choosing Right to Bear:

  1. Right to Bear is NOT a reimbursement policy like many of our competitors. We pay everything UPFRONT.
  2. We offer UNLIMITED DEFENSE for both civil and criminal cases.
  3. Right to Bear offers several additional coverage options to ensure you are fully protected in an act of
  4. Right to Bear gives customers their choice of attorney.

  • Civil Defense coverage allows you to choose your own attorney in the event you are sued after a self-defense incident.
  • Criminal Defense coverage provides legal support in the event you are criminally charged after a self-defense incident. (You choose your own attorney)
  • Multi state coverage offers you coverage in 47 states. The exceptions are New York, New Jersey, and Washington.
  • Expert Witness coverage will provide an “expert witness” to testify on your behalf.
  • Psychological support provides coverage for counseling sessions due to stress/trauma experienced from a self-defense incident.
  • Bail Bond Reimbursement provides money for bail up to $100,000.
  • Additional Associate Coverage extends coverage to a spouse or household partner at the limit of coverage selected. (Note: This endorsement provides a separate limit of liability)
  • Gun replacement – We will replace your gun if taken after a self-defense incident.
  • Right to Bear wants to be your extra line of defense to secure your peace of mind in protecting your 2nd amendment right.


  1. 24/7 365 Emergency Hotline.
  2. You choose your own attorney. (Attorneys available if needed)
  3. Coverage extends to all legal weapons.
  4. Member ID card is inside of your member portal.
  5. Multiple payment options.
  6. Home/Umbrella policies do not cover acts of self-defense.
  7. Ability to change coverage options after purchase.


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