Whitetail Institute 30-06 Deer Mineral – Amazon Deal

best deal deer mineral

There’s no better time than right now to put minerals out for deer.  (Where legal of course.)  Does will soon be nursing fawns and bucks will begin to grow their antlers, so now is the time to start a few mineral sites in your neck of the woods.  Check out the price on the Whitetail Institute 30-06 Deer Mineral!

  • Contains a 10% protein boost – Professionally formulated specifically for the needs of deer during the spring and summer
  • Includes necessary vitamins, and specific minerals in correct forms and ratios for antler growth, pregnancy and lactation
  • Contains scent and flavor attractants and enhancers
  • Easy to use – just rake or shovel an area 2 to 3 feet in diameter and mix with the soil
  • Designed for use in ground sites
  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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