Saunder’s Bludgeon Small Game Head – Amazon Deal

best small game tip

Sales pitch time:  This is the best small game head on the market!  (In my opinion)  Yes, I know, that’s a very bold statement but I’ve used the Saunder’s Bludgeon small game heads for a decade now and they’ve never let me down.  I’ve harvested squirrels, grouse, bull frogs, rabbits and a few other small games animals with these inexpensive small game heads.

The design appears too simple to work but they fly like a field point and hit like a semi-truck!  Not convinced?  Buy a pack for yourself and prove me wrong.  Attach these to your arrows and you’re bound to have a good time.  Also, there’s no better practice for an archer than small game hunting.  Aim small – Miss small!

The Saunder’s Bludgeon small game heads contain four heads per package and the rubber tip reduces arrow damage on missed shots.  They’re also much cheaper than slinging a broadhead at those annoying squirrels that never shut up.

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