ScentLok OZ Chamber Bag w/ OZ500 in Realtree Edge – Amazon Deal

ScentLok OZ Chamber bag with ozone OZ500

Amazon currently has the best price on the ScentLok OZ Chamber Bag w/ OZ500!  There are other camouflage patterns to choose from but the link above will take you to the one in Realtree Edge.  The ScentLok OZ Chamber is durable and equipped with a ventilation called OZinject.  This allows the ozone to be distributed/ventilated throughout the entire bag, instead of just one area.

Be careful when comparing prices on for the ScentLok OZ Chamber because some of the options in other places that I found did not include the OZ500!  Without the ozone generator, this bag is just another bag, so be sure to double check if you’re buying elsewhere.

  • Deal expires at EXPIRED

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